Berlin, Oktober 2014: Bitcoin Diskussionsrunde im Rahmen der “Digitalen Agenda”

Freitag, 17. Oktober 2014. Trotz Bahn- und Pilotenstreiks kam eine wackere Gruppe von Bitcoin-Interessierten im Berliner Abgeordneten Haus, dem Paul-Löbe-Haus, zusammen. Man traf sich im Raum 4.900, dem Europa Saal, der noch einen Tag zuvor den NSA Ausschuss beherbergte. Initiator dieser Diskussionsrunde war die SPD Bundestagsfraktion unter der konsequenten Moderation von Dr. Jens Zimmermann im […]

Crazy? A “Cryptocurrency Bank”?!

Let us have a dream: We are building a Bank that is dealing with crypto currencies. That means, we would be “translating” the concept of a bank into the world of crypto/digital currencies. As a brainstorming, let us discuss the following questions: – What would be needed? – What should be integrated? – What should […]

Will we have Bitcoins in Russia?

During my last visit to Moscow of course I had to answer a lot of questions regarding our Bitcoin-exposure. That topic keeps all busy, amazing when you compare it with the actual general economic relevance of that currency. One question came again and again: “Will also offer Bitcoin trading?” And: “How about Bitcoin storage?” […]