Disruptive Banking

Jack Gavigan recently wrote in a blog-post about disruptive banking. Within that post, he described criterias that are to be fulfilled to be a disruptive banking concept. Well, I read all that and found out, that this was pretty much describing what we at Fidor Bank are doing and building up. That caused a comment from my side… and as always, that was a longer comment caused by my inability to come to the point 😉

What, at the end, was good, cause Jack used my comment to create a separate blogpost… describing what Fidor Bank is about. http://jackgavigan.com/2014/05/02/fidor-bank/

Another great story, created by the internet. That´s why I love it…



  1. Er, the context was what i was referring to. Maybe you don’t remember the restaurant &#82b0;sam2os” or that the term is pretty famous for being a slur. Google is your friend. Maybe look up some of the images from the book. Again, keep ignoring what I wrote about not calling out the ignorance in your own party. It’s really working out for you.

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